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November 10, 2021


Black Beach Studio, LLC

Iron Rebellion is all about the immersive experience of being a mech pilot. We want players to feel truly locked and loaded inside a mechanical titan and give them all of the buttons, levers, and ammunition they need to dominate the battlefield.

Current Features include:
*Immersive physics based sim controls and buttons
* Competitive 4v4 multiplayer
* 3 mech classes, Scout, Assault, Heavy
* 7 weapons
* 6 maps
* 3 game modes
* AI Bots
* Advanced movement and locomotion you need to feel to understand!

Why Early Access
Our primary goal for early access is to expand our team, to speed up production, and to flesh out the rest of the games core elements. With your support and the advent of VR we can show the world what a mech game can truly become!

How long will the game stay in EA
* V0.9 by the middle of 2022
* V1.0 out by the end of 2022 to start of 2023.

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November 9, 2021


Will update my review with more content as I play. So far I've played by myself to learn the mechanics and it is incredibly immersive and very well made. Buttons in the cockpit are interactive and the controls are super immersive. Oh and you can shoot robots! But the buttons and immersion are really next level! Can't wait to meet you in game!

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