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November 15, 2023


VRWOOD virtual reality technology

Dear Player,

This is Yoki from Little Planet.
The day is finally upon us - our very first player (that's you!) is about to arrive on the planet. We have been preparing for this day with great anticipation, and I trust all my fellows are ready for their respective roles - we know this is not a drill!

On Little Planet, you'll get hands-on with gathering and crafting. Sow seeds, plant dreams in fertile soil, shaping the land, decorating your home - each action is a piece of your unique puzzle.

Over by the beach, our seasoned mariner, Chance, is ready with fishing rods, water tanks... and...a great white shark?! Well, he insists his tank is large enough for that.
Jeff, our shop owner, and his little pal Benny, are thrilled to announce the arrival of their irresistible paw-some products.
And in our quaint little garden, Bella the cool girl is all set with her watering can, sapling, flowers, and..."bugs"! She insists it's important for you to know - we are currently in our Early Access version, and you might encounter a few bugs along the way!

Bella's hint got me wondering: You'd be up for helping us 'bug hunt,' wouldn't you? Of course, we're aiming for a bug-free Little Planet! We're hoping you, our awesome player, will relish this part of the journey with us.

We eagerly await your arrival on our planet.This is where your new life begins.
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Sincerely yours

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