Mortal and Monster


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July 8, 2021


Bitsrealm Technology

Mortal & Monster is a challenging rogue-like action RPG developed for Quest. We are aiming to combine tower-defense battle system and rogue-like dungeon map together to make an epic single player VR dungeon adventure.

Dynamic Character Build: Discover hundreds of unique weapons, skills, food, potions, wands and other items to make your own build.

Full 6DOF Battle System: Each weapon has its own unique battle style, including sword&shield, claymore, bow, throwing axe. You can use 6DOF controller to input actions like block, slash, stab, two-hand cleave and so on.

Random Map and Events: the dungeon map is generated randomly. Each room contains different events like combat encounters, trap, merchant, bonfire, alter, mini card game and so on. Every time you begin your journey in the dark dungeon, the layout differs which is displayed in map.

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