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December 6, 2022


Rockhopper Studios

Play a Rock Solo With Guns
Grab a pair of guns and feel the power of music. Don't just play to the beat, PLAY the notes in the songs.

Develop Your Own Styles
Perform music with your body movements. Drag the note around to change the pitch, volume, and sound. No two performances will be identical!

Custom Songs
It's easy to add your own music. Drop a midi and sound file to your private library folder and your music will be ready for you to play.

Become a Rockstar
Practice makes perfect. Master a song and show it to the world. Each song has its own leaderboard. See where your friends and other players shine and become a superstar!

Great Music
Musical Range has a expanding diverse catalog. From original songs, videogame soundtracks (Still Alive from Portal), to amazing collaborations with talented artists.

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