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April 27, 2023


Quantum Lion Labs

Enter The Simulation.
NervBox is a VR, physics-based, sandbox designed to let players push the limits of interactivity.

In a first for VR, players are no longer ghostly beings that can phase through each other. In NervBox, not only is your physical body simulated in-game but so are other players. Push each other around, work together, or fight to the death, there are no limits.

Immersive Interactions
NervBox features an accurate interaction system and various mechanics to make combat feel good. Rack a shotgun with one hand, toss a knife in the air, force-grab it back, climb over a friend or give a crisp high five.

Active Ragdolls
Your friends aren't the only living entities in-game. NervBox features fully physics-driven NPCs that will attack you and your friends. Use guns, swords, or just your fists and fight back.

Multiple Gamemodes
Fight and defend your base from NPCs, sharpen your combat skills in the close quarters “Kill House”, or let your imagination run wild in the sandbox mode; NervBox contains various levels designed to let you and your friends experience something new every time you play.

Next Level Audio
NervBox features fully spatialized audio for everything, so you will be entirely immersed not just visually or physically. Big empty rooms will have reverb, large structures will block sounds entirely, and even voice comms are spatialized.

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