Revolver Widow


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April 6, 2021


Studio Poncho

Pick up a revolver and hunt down the Sheriff's killers.
- Test your mettle against eight of the fastest gunfighters in the old west.
- Experience tense shootouts where speed, accuracy, bullet drop and intimidation all play a part.
- Play forever in New Game +

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April 7, 2021


This is absolutely worth the price of entry and more. I’ll admit I’m biased since this was one of my faves on the Oculus Go as well, but it’s a blast to play on Quest. It’s a very simple and short game. You play as a bounty killer and go up against a variety of bad guys on a handful of different maps. You earn money for completion of each stage and lose money for “doctors fees” if you die. There are a couple (only a couple) upgrades you can spend money on, and a new game + that changes the maps up a bit (different order, bad guy placement, etc). Once you’ve seen the few maps, you’ve really seen it all - but the simple joy of being a quickdraw gunslinger in the Wild West is pretty dang fun. My only complaint is that there isn’t more! I’d love to see other weapons, upgrades, etc to spend your money on. There isn’t any movement either - you’re completely still except for your hands (which hold your two six shooters). More maps would be cool too. But what’s present in the experience currently is more than worth the couple bucks it cost! Highly recommend if you’re looking to be a gunslinger.

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