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August 31, 2022


Middle Man Games

Fly using just the movement of your body!

Rug Riders is a magic carpet simulator with a unique movement system that's so authentic, it feels like you're flying a real magic carpet!

Please support the development of Rug Riders by picking up this Rug Riders Teaser. All profits will go into making the final release of Rug Riders as good as it can be.

Blast enemies with fireballs in the 18 battles, unlock gold medals on the 12 races, or just enjoy flying around the sprawling landscape.

The finished game will feature an expansive single player campaign, with levels that will test your flying agility, combat skills, and feature many new gameplay mechanics.

Help shape the development of Rug Riders by Joining the Discord.

Keep up to date with the progress by following Middle Man Games on Twitter.

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