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April 19, 2022



In Salvador's boxiing in the galaxy, you are the one who decides how hard and fast you want to train yourself, to someday become "Champion of the Galaxy".

For this purpose, we will begin our journey by adventurous training - but at your own pace!
You choose how fast you want to be.
You choose how strong you want to be.
You choose what music and atmosphere you want to train along with, from a long list of songs and genres.
And you choose if you want extra motivation and encouragement when you train - or not.

Salvador Boxing allows you to control every aspect of your training experience, providing you with a rich toolset for mastering pro boxing.
You train at your own pace - you choose if you want to listen to music and what music you want to listen to while training - without worrying if your punch hits on the beat or not!
Salvador is your private boxing instructor.
Learn pro boxing now with Salvador VR!

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