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March 3, 2022



- Global NO 1. K-POP s3D VR Contents Platform

- * It is a platform that you can watch K-POP IDOL's performance through realistic 3D
VR contents

- * You can enjoy a clear VR contents of 4K quality.

- * As a 3D VR music video content, you can enjoy a video that is clearly different from
the existing VR contents.

- * You can enjoy various contents of K-POP groups such as performances, music videos,
making films, fan meetings and V-logs etc.

- * You can watch it through streaming service and download content, so you can enjoy
videos seamlessly.

- * VR contents of a new K-POP group are uploaded every week.

- * Not only K-POP but also various genres of performance contents will be uploaded.

- * Starflex-VR provides English, Korean and Japanese language setting.
Other languages also will be serviced in the future

- * If you add Starflex-VR on your "Wishlist", you are able to be received updating
message for a new content continuously.

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