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February 23, 2023


Ginger Ninja Entertainment

The game mixes the strategy of tower defence with a real time first person VR shooter. Decide where to place the towers you have available to you and go forth and battle.

The player can move around in their avatar form attacking the enemy, or take over the towers they have placed.

Millennia have gone by and the ancient power of the Egyptians has passed into folk law; their Gods but memories captured in pictures and text. None remember the power of the Sun Gods.

You are an immortal, sworn to defend the temple against all attack. For years you have rested, undisturbed, until Sobek returned with an army of Zealots to try and breach the sanctuary of the temple doors.
Pick your tower positions carefully, they are key to your success through your missions.
Armed with your bow and whatever towers Ra can summon for you, you must prepare your defences and do battle with Sobek and his Zealots to defend the temple from evil.

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