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August 23, 2022


Beijing GOFT

LATEST: Recently, it will be updated once a week based on everyone's feedback. After the update on November 4th, if you can play the simple mode 1-5, you can get a key, which can be given to friends to play together. Join the discord: https://discord.gg/YvxvvMUXwf, contact the administrator to get it.

Tank Hunter is a strategic tower defense shooting game, in which you will become a hunter to stop tanks from advancing. Through your observation of the terrain, the use of props, and the deployment of tanks, each battle becomes your happiness. You will also experience a sense of accomplishment from hunter to commander in the game.

Props collection:
In each battle, you can collect all the props and use them by yourself. Pay more attention to collecting gold coin boxes. Gold coins are accumulated and you can buy and unlock more tanks.

About terrain:
At present, you can experience 3 terrains and 45 levels, each level will have 3 waves of tank troops coming towards you, and the last level will have a powerful boss, I hope you can hold it。

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