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March 31, 2023


Phocore Inc.

Time Titans VR is a singleplayer action shooter that allows the user to manually slow down time to get an advantage in combat. Shoot, punch and slice through enemies while slowing down time to unleash mayhem or dodge counter attacks.

Slow time at the push of a button while you move freely to wreak havoc on the opposition.

Gun down enemies during the slow motion bliss.

Bash your enemies to pieces with maces, battleaxes, sais, swords and an assortment of other melee weapons.

Test your moral compass as you're put through simulated ethical dilemmas to see if you're worthy of joining "The Corporation" to work as a mercenary. Your decisions will impact the story and determine if you get the job after the grueling interview process.

Are you the right fit for the job? Find out.

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