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January 19, 2022



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You play as a mage, who is trapped on the verge of the logical and the magical. Learn how to find hidden chests, unlock and use your magical abilities to search for the way out of these amusing and enchanted ancient rooms, caves, and labyrinths. Cast magic at certain places and prepare for the unexpected metamorphosis. Open pathways with fun-to-solve puzzles, and defeat creatures in this relaxing fantasy adventure. Go for the adventure alone or gather company (LAN-multiplayer) to uncover the secrets of Zephyrus!

Dungeon crawler on three levels of adventurous fun with magic mixed in. Seven unique character designs and countless curses. Localization in 12 languages. A big old dice in order to teleport to certain areas.

"Witches, Switches... flying cats!"

This game can also be played in single mode and cooperative multiplayer mode on a local network (LAN/Wifi). Comfort Options: Snap Turn, Teleport, Comfort Tunneling (optional), Head-based locomotion. Comfort levels will vary for every player, and prolonged use can sometimes cause motion sickness and eye strain. Please refer to your hardware’s safety guidelines!

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February 10, 2022


I accidentally found this game on Steam as Early Access and I'm glad it's available here! I was stunned by the atmosphere, it was a bit like being in Miyazaki's world! The graphics are stunning on Quest 2. For the price, I think it's worth it to dive into this world. The puzzles are fun, but also quite easy. The spells that change the environment are brilliant! Sometimes I would giggle when I messed up the spells, because something always happened :) The new teleportation was fun. I want to try the coop mode as soon as I can, because I saw in the menu that there is an option for that, but only through wifi. What I miss is that I'd love to cast spells on creatures, but I read on the developers site that this game is still in development and they are working on some combat modes. I do miss the hand interaction, but the magic pointer is a neat idea, it makes life easier for the seated players, including mine. Pro - Atmosphere (graphics, music) - Effect of magic on the environment - Fun effects on our Avatar - Fun ending of puzzles - In-game menu - Optional Avatars - I didn't run into any major bugs - Cheap Con (knowing that it's still in development) - Few maps - Lack of hand interaction - No online mode only wifi - Lack of story in the game, but I think this can be addressed in the future (I hope) I'm curious to see where it will evolve and look forward to seeing the game expanded as soon as possible! Good luck for the developers!

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