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April 16, 2021


Field Of Vision

Start your KUNG FU JOURNEY now!

Are you ready to fight and earn your place on the wall of fame? Join Crazy Kung Fu and start to train, improve your reflexes, heighten your fighter senses and become the Master.

Full game features:
• 40 levels and two modes to guide you on your journey: Train and Fight.
• A variety of modifiers including increased speed, arrows being shot at you to improve your reflexes and an infinite game mode so you can train until you can't.
• Build your own levels in Focus Mode to improve specific skills before joining the leaderboards.
• 6 unique environments with original soundtracks: train in your own dojo, or outside in the bamboo forest!
• Global leaderboards for you to see how you do against other students of the Academy!
• A Wing Chun dummy Training Game to learn and master the basic shapes and forms of the style.
• Detailed feedback after each level on your range, accuracy and general perfomance of both sides of your body.

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February 6, 2022


Honestly One of the best demos out there and the fact they include a leaderboard is Great! It allows people to have a reason to just play the demo and not only that the top 5 players get the full game for free every week. Not only is it a good game the owners give people a reason to just play the demo cause they could get the full game. The art style is great and the fact you can enable play through is super helpful so you don't accidentally hit something outside your area. If you don't have the pass through on your in a greatly designed dojo. The idea is super unique this demo is a must get for the oculus.

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