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April 16, 2022


Field Of Vision

Greetings My Lord !

I hath heard thou art quite the dungeon connoisseur, so i maketh this bawbling passthrough system where thee can buildeth thy owneth dungeon using a variety of traps and items, as well as lodging waypoints to giveth goals to the dungeon seekers.

What can I expect from my dungeon??
Fear not Sire, there is much:
1️⃣ Proceduraly generated Dungeon framework based on your Meta Spaces setup.
2️⃣ Proceduraly generated plot and a treasure to go with it.
3️⃣ Hand tracking and presence! Use your hands to bring up your Orb of Quests as well as interact with the world.
4️⃣ A variety of slashing, crushing and deadly traps.
5️⃣ Lava floor!
6️⃣ Quest items such as waypoints and keys (that open doors).
7️⃣Occlusion boxes to occlude your own furniture.
8️⃣ Walls to build around your dungeon.
9️⃣ A save / load system so you don't need to keep rebuilding each time! (Even tough it's fun to build, let's be honest.)

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April 18, 2022


On app lab there are occasions you come across a game demo that happens to be a gem that stands out! This is the first non working demo/idea/concept that has ever had me excited at the potential this can be! Keep an eye out for this one…this is going to be huge for parents and grandparents to play with their 6-8 year olds!

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