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August 26, 2022


Parth Arora

ElectrifyXR is a Mixed Reality app to Make Cardio Fun by immersing users on Treadmill into Virtual Worlds and making them participate in engaging activities.
It allows users to run on a treadmill and relax in in different environments or play games or just interact with the virtual world to distract their minds and help them stay engaged during their workout for better results.

Safety: This application uses propriety design to use a Mixed Reality Window to the real world through which users can see their treadmill controls and the surrounding world. The users get a chance to modify the window's position while calibrating and setting up.

Current Worlds:
Aquarium, North Pole, Mountains, Beach.
Current Activities:
Punching, Stretching, Relaxing

Contact and Feedback:
We are always looking for feedback and if you feel that this app is helping you in some way, a review would make our day. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries, feedback or concern at parth.03.arora@gmail.com

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