Escape from Nefertiti's Tomb


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December 1, 2021


WisEngineering LLC.

Escape from Nefertiti's Tomb is a single player VR puzzle and adventure game that is fun and challenging for the whole family. You’ve fallen into the ancient tomb of the greatest Queen of Egypt. You’re trapped! It’s up to you as an explorer and archaeologist to uncover Nefertiti's secrets and escape your doom. With nothing but your brass lantern, your backpack, and your wits, you must solve the mysteries of the hidden temple. Explore her tomb, find the exit and escape with your life to tell your tale of adventure, history, and fabulous jeweled riches.

- Experience a colorful, stylized re-imagining of an ancient Egyptian-themed tomb.
- Explore and make your way through several distinct puzzle rooms.
- Discover the solutions to puzzles specifically designed with the virtual reality experience in mind.
- Seek out Queen Nefertiti’s treasures by unlocking secret rooms and increasing your score.
- Avoid traps left behind to stop unwanted guests from stealing her treasures.

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January 3, 2022


Had the chance to play the game right through to the end and my thoughts were " yes please" and "sir can I have some more " the graphic style used is fantastic and reminds me of the old comic book style adventures you could read as a kid. The controls were a big hit and a miss with point and teleport in the direction you want to go , but since playing this has been updated by the Dev team.The puzzles within the game get your mind thinking but not to hard that you can't enjoy them and the environment your in.If you like puzzle, Indiana Jones style games this is one for you . Here is my gameplay video of the game for you to enjoy.

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