Noro & the Cosmic Coast - Demo


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November 14, 2022


Meriwether Games

Note - This is a demo, the full experience is coming soon!

Noro & the Cosmic Coast is a cozy adventure-puzzle game in which you follow a traveler across the cosmos as he looks for a cure that will save his little girl, Noro. Each planet along the journey is a tiny puzzle that fits in your hands and is full of unique creatures that the traveler must work with to solve problems.

• Planets are Rubik’s-cube-like geometric shapes that can be pulled apart and rebuilt piece by piece. Each offers an array of plants and resources that you will need to grow to nourish creatures.

• Befriending the creatures of the cosmic coast is the only way the traveler will be able to complete his journey. Learn their needs, help them, and discover how to utilize their unique skills.

• Part of the traveler’s happiness will be tied to sending and receiving messages from home. However, in deep space messages take days to arrive from home, and the traveler will need to keep their transmitter charged.

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