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May 6, 2021



Year 2043: The irreversibility of climate change has forced humans to take refuge in underground and submarine bunkers. Man-made robots have become the sole occupants of the surface, continuing to extract energy resources for their own survival.

Control your Rebelion drone to rid the world of these Sentinel robots throughout over 10,000 procedurally generated levels. Energy resources being scarce, you will have to use strategy and speed in order to succeed in hoisting yourself higher than the Sentinels to eliminate them, while avoiding their deadly absorbing rays.

Half of the revenues of this game are invested in a real reforestation action.

Inspired and re-adapted from an 80s video game classic, Resilience offers:
- Over 10,000 procedurally generated levels
- A progressive difficulty throughout your experience
- A world ranking to follow your progress
- Choose your control mode: left or right handed
- A retro-gaming style of play

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June 17, 2021


This is a near-perfect VR recreation of an all-time favourite classic game called The Sentinel. That game relied somewhat on the computers at the time not being able to render 3D maps very quickly, so you had to slowly rotate your view while the map was drawn in, and it created some delicious tension as you felt the Sentinel's gaze fall over you like the Eye of Sauron, leeching your precious energy as you panicked and tried to find an escape route. Obviously there's no ponderous player movement here, but it still works. The ominous gaze of the Sentinel is still as scary as heck, and the creation and absorption mechanics are handled smoothly with intuitive controls. With thousands of maps (based on random seeds) there's plenty of game here, getting harder as you go with multiple sentinels to try and avoid and ultimately absorb. As a bonus, proceeds from the game go towards planting some trees (the original game had you absorbing trees, but they've gone with a more apocalyptic scenario here).

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