ZOSU Castle Morgue Escape


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September 1, 2022


ZOSU Studios LLC

VR ZOSU Castle Morgue Escape
- You awaken in a dark and scary abandoned castle that was being used as morgue. It is dark but fortunately you have a flashlight, you must find your way out through a series of simple puzzles and mechanics.
- This is a casual and somewhat spooky escape-room/area type of game
- Mostly search and explore with a few cryptic clues to help you along
- Casually playing it should not take more than 60 minutes
- Escape the castle quickly for a highscore
- The last completed round score and highest all time scores are saved
- Many mysteries, skeletons, and castle areas await you!
- Some events are slightly randomized for replay ability
- 3 game modes:
1) standard in the dark with extra visual hints every few minutes
2) hard in the dark with no extra timed hints
3) explore in the light with no puzzles or scoring

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